When Life’s Not Fair

January 9th, 2020

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Luke 6:27-36

“Fair” is very much a four-letter word. Too often both young and old equate it with love. Some people believe that if everyone has the exact same set of circumstances, then they can love. If the circumstances aren’t the same, then love might not be guaranteed.

Love based on conditions isn’t genuine. If we only love those who are like us or have the same set of circumstances as us, then we aren’t demonstrating true love. Christ displayed sincere, unconditional love on the cross. It wasn’t the least bit “fair” that sinless perfection had to die for the sinfully imperfect.

If anyone had the right to decide who deserved God’s love and who did not, it was Jesus. However, the Son didn’t make a list of those to whom the truth of John 3:16 applied and of those to whom it did not. Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us the same—fairly and without condition. With God’s help, we are called to do likewise.

Author: Andrea Simms Talley

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