Who Is It?

December 31st, 2019

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Isaiah 43:8-13

Names can be confusing. Having grown up with a rather unique last name, Stefanie understands when people stumble over a name. She quickly learned as a child to say her name and then automatically begin spelling it. She had to do this because no one knew how to spell it. They were not even going to attempt it.

When Stefanie was getting married, she was excited at the thought that she wouldn’t have such trouble with her new last name. After all, it’s not a terribly difficult name. She was wrong. She’s heard all sorts of variations and seen multiple spellings. Stefanie learned quickly as a newlywed to say her name and then automatically begin spelling it. It cuts down on the confusion.

Who God is, isn’t to be confused. God wants the Israelites to be clear just who they are dealing with and what God is capable of. God is calling them out to be “my witnesses” in all the world: I am God (v. 10). None of the other gods people worship can do what I do. Don’t be confused: “I have revealed and saved and proclaimed” (v. 12).

Do you know God? Can you be a witness?

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


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