Neither Flame or Flood

December 30th, 2019

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Isaiah 43:1-7

This past summer my children all took swim lessons at the local pool. My oldest two were fairly comfortable being able to swim and were able to work on different strokes and skills. My youngest has just turned two and despite her lack of fear of the pool in the past, wasn’t eager to jump in and try.

One of the things that helped her overcome her fears of the water during the two-week class was her teacher. Miss Amy was calm and confident. She had taught many children to swim and understood their fears. She always encouraged and liked to make learning a game. The most important key to Miss Amy was she never left you! She always stayed with you.

God reassured the Israelites, who had been through so much trauma, that no matter what, He was not leaving them. Come fire or high water, we can know that God will keep us safe. He will not take away all the trials we face, but He will be with us through them.

What waters are rising in your life? What fire is threatening to burn you? Remember God goes with you through the flame and flood.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson

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