Warning: Love Is Suffering

October 25th, 2019

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John 21:15-25

Three times Jesus asks Peter if Peter loved him. Three redeeming love questions paralleling the three painful denials of Peter. Peter’s response to each question is, “Yes, you know that I love you.”

To say, “Yes, we love Jesus,” isn’t the completion of our faith. Jesus’ reply to the confession of love is not, “Oh, I love you too!” Confessing our love is just the beginning of the journey with Jesus. Jesus’ response to confessed love is to “feed my sheep.” Loving Jesus commands us to go and love others like Jesus would love them.

Jesus explains further to Peter that confessing love for Jesus will have challenges. A word picture is further painted about stretching out his hands for someone else to dress and lead him where he does not want to go. These are words of warning. Saying “yes” will bring suffering. Your life will not be your own as you yield to the will of Jesus, to radically love all people, His sheep.

Author: Kim Purl


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