Great Work of Suffering

October 26th, 2019

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2 Timothy 2:1-10

We had moved into a newly developing neighborhood and it was a difficult task to get to know neighbors. Most seemed to prefer a private, quiet life, but it bothered me. What if I had a neighbor who was struggling and needed a friend? I began praying for my neighborhood.

Four years later, just after midnight, we were awakened to smoke detectors alerting us to a house fire. We all escaped safely to the sidewalk, cold and in complete shock. Our kids cried and I prayed that somehow the Lord would use this for His glory to be revealed. I looked up to see a neighbor rushing to bring us socks, blankets, and a dog leash. Another invited us into their home out of the cold while firefighters worked. The next day neighbors all over town offered many ways to help us in our time of greatest need.

Tragedy opened a way for relationships to flourish. We began to understand that it was through sufferings that the Lord does the great work of reconciling the world. Does the Lord have permission to lead you through sufferings so that many will be reconciled to Christ?

Author: Kim Purl


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