Rejected Body

October 24th, 2019

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Matthew 26:69-75

It must have been sheer wonder to live as Jesus’ disciples, embracing Jesus’ body, witnessing miracles unfold, absorbing His teachings, and simply moving through day-to-day life in Jesus’ physical presence. Often we imagine that it could have been easier to believe on Jesus in person, but was it? Physical presence is important to us, yet it is temporary because earthly things break down, fade away, and die.

Jesus knew human nature was inclined to cling to earthly things that would passed away. Aware that the disciples would not be able to handle the future physical and spiritual attacks of evil, Jesus warned Peter that he would disown Jesus three times before the rooster crowed.

Absorbing painful rejection, Jesus did not condemn. Rather He followed through with merciful suffering in holy love to offer His body broken, dead, resurrected, and ascended as a vessel to offer a different reality through the Holy Spirit to reside and guide us.

Author: Kim Purl


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