Dynamic Irony

October 23rd, 2019

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Acts 9:19b-31

When the kingdom of God comes, lives are radically changed and the results are surprisingly ironic. Before Saul’s conversion, he likely taught a life-draining doctrine filled with legal expectations. We can imagine he emphasized Jesus was not the Son of God, and the Messiah would deliver only one holy people, the Jews.

When Saul was converted and filled with the Holy Spirit, his mind and heart were transformed and renewed to engage in the dynamic, expansive possibilities of the kingdom of God. Both Jews and Christian Jews were baffled by the ironic change in Saul who was now living fully in the way of Jesus Messiah. He was boldly preaching Christianity in the synagogue and willingly receiving the oppressive punishment that he previously had been guilty of inflicting.

Redemption through Jesus is extreme and uncontainable. His holy love lavished on all compels us to turn away from thoughts and actions that rob the kingdom from flourishing dynamically on earth as it is in heaven.

Author: Kim Purl


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