October 22nd, 2019

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Acts 9:10-19a

Throughout scripture the Lord chooses to do the greatest kingdom work through people who are least qualified.

The Lord, through a dreamy vision, called out, “Ananias.” The immediate answer was, “Yes, Lord.” Ready and willing, Ananias received incredible instructions that caused him to hesitate, unsure he and God were talking about the same destructive and feared man, Saul from Tarsus. Ananias was instructed to make a life-threatening visit to the man known to harm the “holy people.” The Lord’s command was, “Go!” with a glimpse into Saul’s ironic new future of multiethnic ministry and persecution like he once inflicted upon others. Ananias obeyed, prayed, affirmed, and baptized Saul, the man least likely to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

Has the Lord called you by name to a risky ministry to deliver the good news of Jesus as Lord to someone least likely to qualify? It is through the unlikely that the Lord will accomplish the greatest measure of kingdom work.

Author: Kim Purl

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