Stand Firm Inspiring Others

October 1st, 2019

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Acts 6:8-15

What does it mean to stand firm in our faith? We might imagine someone standing in a bold stance, with a serious face, and clenched fists. Perhaps we think of a lineman on a football team or a soldier who has planted his feet prepared for conflict.

There are people who attempt to tear down anything that looks like faith. They want to prove that Christians are wrong. Some go so far as to mock us, or worse. Our response can be righteous indignation with a bold stance and clenched fists.

Stephen took a different stance. There was something heavenly in the way he appeared when he was on trial for his faith. Stephen appeared confident in his faith. However, that confidence didn’t translate into aggression. His stance in standing firm wasn’t threatening to those around him.

Non-believers will challenge you if you’re living the way God calls you to live. Will you act out in righteous indignation, or will you stand as Stephen did, inspiring others to see Christ?

Author: Paul Ward


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