Tell God’s Story

October 2nd, 2019

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Acts 7:1-16

When I was a kid, Christians used to stand up and share their testimony regularly in church. This still happens from time to time in some congregations, but it’s becoming a rarer phenomenon. I remember hearing some of the same people stand up and share the same stories over and over again. It seemed kind of funny as a kid, but now I can still hear some of those old stories of faith. They’ve been etched into my mind.

The Israelites had a similar tradition. They didn’t simply share the stories of what God had done in their lives. They had a tradition of sharing the same stories over and over through each generation. The new stories didn’t replace the old ones, they were added to the long list of things that God had done for them throughout all of time.

We need to learn to express our faith in the same way. God is deeply and intimately involved in our lives. The best way to share Him is by telling the stories of what He has done. Those real stories of God’s faithfulness will show His character to others more than any defense or argument we can manufacture.

Author: Paul Ward


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