Don’t Get Distracted

September 30th, 2019

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Acts 6:1-7

It’s easy for us to be distracted. Typically we think about sin that distracts us from God. However, we can just as easily be distracted by things that appear good.

In Acts 6, the apostles were told the Greek speaking widows weren’t being given the same amount of food as the Hebrew speaking widows. Injustice is always a serious problem.

On the surface this looked like a situation the apostles needed to handle personally. We can easily imagine Peter or James taking charge of the food program and reprimanding those who were being unfair.

The apostles, however, did not tackle this situation personally. They delegated it to other leaders. Perhaps it appeared that they didn’t think this was important. The truth is, the apostles were not distracted. They knew their primary jobs were “prayer and ministry of the word.”

We can’t let ourselves get distracted from the ministry God has for us. Even if something looks good, it might not be the path God planned for us. We must prayerfully seek out that path and trust Him.

Author: Paul Ward

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