Perfect Law Exists

September 29th, 2019

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Psalm 19:7-14

In human government, laws are created for the people to prosper. As more laws are created it gets trickier to decipher if the law is helpful or harmful for the people. What may be a good law to help one person, may create bondage for another person.

The Psalmist is right in saying that the law of the Lord is perfect. God’s laws are not limited, like human governments are, by the broken complexity of human circumstances. The law of the Lord overwhelms until there is an overflow of justice and mercy. The law of the Lord transforms humanity: weary souls are revived, simple people gain holy wisdom, heavy hearts rejoice, eyes dimmed with hopelessness are filled with light, and the Lord’s laws are eternal and unchanging.

The Lord who made the law has also made the people who will live by the law. This gives great hope: we are known deeply. We can trust the Lord who knows our heart to guide us from committing sins that will oppress and weigh us down with guilt and punishment.

Author: Kim Purl



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