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August 2nd, 2019

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Matthew 15:1-9

When I was a young teenager, I loved my parents, but sometimes I didn’t really feel the need to listen to their advice. After all, I knew just about everything.

My dad came to me and shared how there were years as a teenager that he felt he was wiser than his parents. One day, when he was around 19 or 20, he realized just how wise his parents were and how foolish he had been in his youth. He said he would be graceful with me until I caught on to this truth for myself. In that moment, I felt really connected to my dad, like he got it and somehow that helped me “get it.” I had a new deeper level of respect for my dad.

Honoring and cursing are a pretty big difference and both exist in Matthew 15:4. Perhaps we can find a way to move toward honoring and respecting parents rather than cursing or bad-mouthing them. Possibly we can see through their eyes and realize they are human just like us. In doing that, we can extend grace, mercy, and forgiveness, just like we have been offered through Christ.

Author: Michael Downs

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