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August 3rd, 2019

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John 19:16-27

John 19 is a fantastic example of being focused on others! Jesus is in tremendous turmoil on the cross but is taking time from focusing on his personal pain to make sure his close friend and disciple, John, is prepared to take care of his mother.

Love for others is one of the most transformative powers we can witness in life. It has the ability to take pain away from ourselves and allow us to focus on those who matter most. Jesus didn’t want to see his mother grieve alone. Grieving the loss of a child is a pain no parent wants to experience; the overwhelming sense of loss makes one feel alone. Jesus stepped out of his own pain to take care of the pain he was seeing in someone he cared about so much.

When you are experiencing pain or disappointment, how often do you still notice the needs of others? It’s not often easy to step away from our personal pain, but when we do there can be a healing for others and even for ourselves.

Author: Michael Downs

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