New Normal

August 1st, 2019

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1 Timothy 5:9-16

Widows sometimes feel abandoned by the church and the people around them, weeks or months after the loss of their spouse. The world for everyone else goes back to normal. For the person who is now alone, a new dreadful, normal sets in.

I’m thankful for many godly women in our church who surrounded my mother after my dad passed away. They knew weeks later my mother would need friendships and encouragement, possibly even more than during the first few days of loss. Once the shock wears off the new normal becomes reality.

Woman really helped my mom through meals, letters, phone calls, getting her out of the house, laughing together and yes, at times, weeping together. These fellow Christians were present, long after the funeral. The emotional support from godly friends sustained my mother in her real need.

Loneliness and isolation can envelop the widow. The followers of Christ are called to community—fellowship with others. Let us not forget those in need.

Author: Michael Downs

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