Declaration of Hope

July 30th, 2019

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Psalm 71:15-24

It’s a pretty natural thing to desire to not be forgotten when we get older. What if this desire was bigger than our legacy? Others-focused is where we find this psalm’s author. David reminds us that our holy hope and confidence is not in our physical strength or in the things we have done. He doesn’t want to live to promote his name anymore. He wants to give his last great years of life declaring the power of the Lord to those who will follow after him. He believes he has a story to tell that will shape the world.

I am thankful to the many previous generations who invested in me as a young boy. Having senior citizens in our church who invested in me, who would tell me that someday I was going to make a difference, shaped who I am today. They helped me believe deeply in God and that the Lord who did great things in the past wasn’t done doing those things! They passed on the faith in many conversations, Bible studies, encouraging words, and stories.

Maybe there is someone today you can share with the mighty acts of our Lord.

Author: Michael Downs

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