Worthy of Praise

July 29th, 2019

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Psalm 71:1-14

The longer you live the more you may have the temptation to become jaded and think that the only person you can really trust is yourself. You see people being unfaithful, consumed with greed, not fulfilling promises, abusing one another, and you wonder who you could ever trust.

Somewhere down this dark path of isolation and pain, we hear a beckoning to a different way. When we dare to step into discovering another way, there is One who is trustworthy! There is One who is the bringer of Peace and Hope!

Knowing God is faithful and true (Psalm 86:15) leads us to a heart and mind that becomes quick to praise the One in whom we place our ultimate hope. The more we place our hope in the Lord, the more we sense the spirit of hope rising within us. The more hope we sense, the more we find ourselves eager and even needing to give God more and more praise. When we find our hope in Him, our praises rise with it.

Let your years with God remind you that we can always have hope!

Author: Michael Downs

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