Love Endures Forever

July 28th, 2019

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Psalm 138:1-8

David wanted all the kings of the earth to praise the Lord. Yet King Saul wanted him dead. Time and time again, the Lord preserved David’s life, and in a turn of events David even preserved Saul’s life. God’s love sustained David through some dark nights of the soul. At David’s request, the Lord answered and empowered him to keep moving forward. David knew that in the end, the Lord would bring about justice.

We are the work of God’s hands. David was requesting God not to abandon him, nor his enemy Saul. What a powerful prayer—David knew the love of the Lord could help them both. Sometimes in life, we want to be done with our enemies and immediate justice to ensue. Yet David reminds us that God’s love is big enough, wide enough, long enough, powerful enough to care for all parties at hand. The everlasting love of God reaches every soul ready to receive. No one is too far from God’s grace and care. The enduring love of God can help us pray for those who betray us.

Author: Kelli Westmark


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