Love Keeps No Record

July 27th, 2019

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Proverbs 10:1-12

“Is there anyone you trust?” the judge asked a divorced couple who had been arguing before him. “Yes, my pastor is here.” Sitting in the peanut gallery, the judge said, “Pastor, please stand.” With that he appointed me as mediator to this couple I barely knew at the time. Imagine my surprise when the ex-husband showed me an 18 inch stack of paper from all the previous court cases. The animosity between them was something only God could heal.

When someone wrongs us, our natural, sinful tendency is to get even. Harboring hate enhances conflict in many areas of our lives. Yet Christ shows us a new way: forgive, love, be reconciled. It starts with being humble and admitting we are not perfect. Love covers over all those imperfections, all the jabs, all the injustice. Love is a huge covering, and when brought into a situation of hatred, can calm the seething soul.

Are there amends that need to be made with a friend or a foe? Ask for God’s help to reconcile with the love of God.

Author: Kelli Westmark


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