Love Comes Only From God

July 26th, 2019

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2 Thessalonians 3:1-10

The day I was asked to be the prayer coordinator for our district was the day the minister of satan moved next door. Being neighborly, I took them a plates of goodies and full meals when they were sick. The kindness was repaid with all night parties, an attempt at breaking into my house, and broken glass shattered around my home at night. After years of little sleep, my prayer became, “Lord, change him from a Saul to a Paul or move him out.”

Being a Christian isn’t always easy. Sometimes, we seek the Lord’s protection and experience many sleepless nights of prayer. I would love to tell you this man became a Christian, but it is yet to be seen, although he did move out. Still, Paul directs our hearts back to the love of God and to patiently wait for Christ because this world is not our final destination. Christ died for everyone, whether they would receive him or not is their decision to make. Our highest calling is to love.

Is there someone you have given up showing God’s love to? May God direct you in how to love them today!

Author: Kelli Westmark


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