June 2nd, 2019

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Judges 2:10-23

There was a little girl named Debbie who joined the swim team. She loved swimming, however, she didn’t really want to work very hard. She preferred to play around and have fun at practice. One day each member of the team lined up for the practice races, ready to dive in when it was her turn. When it was Debbie’s turn she would refuse to dive into the pool. Eventually, the coach would throw her in; she would laugh and slowly start swimming. He explained to her that good technique was important to speed and could make or break a race. It didn’t matter, Debbie just thought it was fun.

The day of her first race came. She lined up with the other racers and adjusted her goggles. The gun signaled the beginning of the race. To everyone’s amazement, Debbie dove in and swam as fast as she could. As she surfaced, she glanced back to see that she is way ahead of all the other swimmers. Debbie won her very first race!

Like Debbie, we need to follow our coach’s advice. We can’t do that unless we are willing to listen and follow God’s instructions. Who will you listen to today?

Author: Melodie Eisenhofer


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