He Keeps His Word

June 1st, 2019

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Isaiah 46:1-13

A pastor was called to a church to infuse it with new life. Things started off well, but in time one thing after another seemed to go wrong. There were a variety of issues with the church building. The church was growing until one last, major structural issue. With this final blow, the people had to leave the building behind until repairs could be made.

At that point, the pastor cried out to God, “Why did you call me and my family here? You promised to do great things. I’m just not sure what to do next.” The pastor felt God speak, “Stay the course.” With that in mind, that is exactly what the pastor and the church did.

As time went on, God blessed the church. It wasn’t the way anyone thought it would happen. However, God provided the means to fix the structural issue, as well as a much needed update to the sanctuary.

God reminded this pastor and the congregation that He had their backs. Remember, God always keeps His promises. He does what He says He will do. You can trust Him.

Author: Melodie Eisenhofer


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