That’s Not Fair!

June 3rd, 2019

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Matthew 6:5-15

Children can be very quick to point out what is fair or not. With eagle eye attention, they notice if the sandwich is cut precisely in two, the other person gets a longer turn, or if another doesn’t have as much work to do as they do. “That’s not fair!” can be heard on any playground, at any time.

When it comes to hurts, we want to be sure that our feelings are taken into account. “It’s not fair!” that my neighbor caused me distress. I could never forgive her because she’s hurt me too deeply. He got away with it and “that’s not fair!”

Can we release our own burdens and debts to the grace of the Lord if we are so tightly holding onto the hurts others have caused us? When we hold onto old grudges, keep count of wrongs, maintain a list of offenders, we are choosing vindication over grace. When we refuse to forgive our debtors, we are refusing to allow God’s forgiveness to transform our lives. It’s as if we are deciding we would rather hold onto a moldy, old sandwich rather than sit down to a feast. Why would we choose the moldy sandwich?

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


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