Christian Freedom

May 18th, 2019

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1 Peter 2:11-21

Given our current global climate, it is sometimes hard to submit ourselves to the “emperors and governors.” God’s will for His people is to live in order, not chaos. Theoretically, the authorities of government are to provide order in civilized society. We, as Christians, are called to accept the established forms of government and to submit to those “for the Lord’s sake,” in order not to bring discredit upon His teaching and the Church.

It is hard to understand this teaching when our governments around the world seem so “ungodly.”

While we are called to honor our governments, there is also an inherent freedom in being a Christian. There are occasions that we are asked to serve either the one we honor or the one we revere, and the choice should not be difficult to make—though not easy to carry out.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many more stand as reminders that Christian freedom sometimes means freedom from society’s rules and not merely freedom to obey willingly.

Author: Melinda & John Miller


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