Jesus Is the Resurrection

April 10th, 2019

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John 11:17-27

Sometimes the truth of the Gospel can be a bit old to our ears. If we’ve been in the Church for more than a couple of years, it is easy to start to forget that first burst of energy and excitement we felt hearing the Gospel through the Spirit for the first time. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was five years old. Keeping the “joy of salvation” alive in my heart is a daily struggle.

Mary and Martha had been followers of Jesus for a while. It took the death and ultimate resurrection of their brother, Lazarus, to see and hear the truth that Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

Too often as we continue on our faith journey we become isolated from unbelievers, which leads to us not encountering again this great truth. When we see someone who has been lost in the death to sin come alive in Christ, it brings home again this truth that Jesus is the resurrection and life. Whoever lives by believing in Christ will never die. Let us rejoice in this truth each and every day of the year.

Author: L.M.A.


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