Tiny Blessings

March 31st, 2019

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Psalm 16:1-11

Each Sunday our congregation prays, “Everything that is good, everything that is beautiful, everything that brings a smile to our faces, joy to our hearts, or laughter to our lips is from you, oh God, and for them we give you thanks and praise.” Perhaps you had a still moment in the middle of your day, a small child touch your face with love in her eyes, someone was kind, a cherished memory interrupted your day and made you smile. These are small joys, that invade your day. They come from God. Our lives are filled with a thousand small moments: all blessings God has given us. All are ways which God shows us God is there with us, sprinkling even the worst days with small moments of joy, tiny little smiles. God reaches into the mundaneness of our days and gives to us tiny blessings. Stop to think about them. Think about all the things that make you smile, all that made you chuckle, all the brief moments of bliss you have experienced.

Author: Kazimiera Fraley


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