Praise—God Wants Us!

April 1st, 2019

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Ephesians 1:1-6

If you had your way, with whom would you rather be: people who are optimistic, happy, and thankful, or folks who are grumpy, negative, and ill-tempered? I’ve been blessed to be associated with lots of people of the former category. Ephesians 1 describes them as “God’s holy people.” Being around them has only increased my aspiration to live in that kind of holiness.

How do we get to this place?

First, we need to acknowledge the presence and activity of God’s good grace toward us. God has been working since “before the creation of the world” to carry out His good will toward us.

Next, offer praise as you engage God’s calling upon your life. We can initialize our activities in the spirit of praise to God for His grace to us in Jesus, God’s Son. We set the tone of the day by giving voice to the expression of praise. We raise the level of our anticipation through thoughtful, mindful praise.

What are those things for which you are most thankful? The fingerprints of God are all over them because He really does want you!

Author: David Felter


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