I Am Not Buying

March 30th, 2019

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1 Timothy 6:6-19

When we watch television, almost half the content is advertisements. The commercials tell us about all the things we should want, convincing us to have needs we did not even know we had. There is always more to buy. Our world believes nothing of enough. It knows nothing of contentment. It never wants us to buy the idea of less, but instead always has something more to sell. If we buy into what they are telling us, how can we ever find that Jesus is enough?

We will always feel like we need Jesus and something more. Jesus, however, is enough. There is nothing more to desire than relationship with Christ. There is nothing more to need than to walk with our God. Contentment can never be found in the endless things our world can provide, there is always something new, something shiny, something that will make our lives easier by making them more complicated. The most complicated thing we need is trust in Jesus and a relationship with our God.

Author: Kazimiera Fraley


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