Background Check

May 8th, 2017

RG AUDIO 050817


Esther 1:1-12, 21-22

Job applications give applicants an opportunity to share facts and personal history relevant to the context of employment. Name, date of birth, address, and work history are important information employers need to know before they hire. Usually, in addition to facts, references are requested. This allows the potential employer to hear from those who have a work-related or personal relationship with the applicant. In my own experience, I have tried to imagine how conversations might play out should the interviewer actually call the references I listed.

True, the process is potentially flawed. The applicant can stack the list with false positives. However, I have also seen the process work against an applicant. The reference may share some painful truth about the applicant’s work record.

These behind the scenes conversations regarding employment remind me of the behind the scenes work God is doing. God may not always do what we want, but He always does what is right. In doing so, He accomplishes His perfect will.

Author: John Trotter


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