Bad Or Good News

May 7th, 2017

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Luke 4:18-30

Ever notice how the same news can be interpreted “good” by some and “bad” by others? For example, on hearing the news of the birth of Jesus, King Herod was “disturbed” and began a plot to kill Him (Matthew 2:3). The shepherds’ reaction, however, was quite the opposite. They responded to the news with excitement and praise to God (Luke 2:10, 20). Same news but two completely different reactions.

Perhaps the difference lies in the fact that Herod believed he had a kingdom and power to lose. The shepherds, on the other hand, had nothing to lose. News prompts reaction. Some were receptive to the Good News; others felt threatened by it.

Grace has been defined as “unmerited favor.” As spiritual paupers, the best news we can ever hear is that God loves us and has a wonderful new direction for our lives. Some see it otherwise.

Bad news or good? How we answer that is often reduced to where we believe our real life can be lived: in our own kingdom or God’s.

Author: John Trotter


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