Just A Touch

February 3rd, 2016

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Mark 5:25-34

Faith becomes more challenging when faced with a difficult circumstance–illness, marital trouble, the loss of a job. Trust in God is easier when life is going as planned–healthy, happy, and secure. It is when life takes an unexpected turn that our faith is tested. The woman mentioned in Mark 5:25-34 had such great faith, she believed that to simply touch Jesus’ cloak was to be healed. While others crowded around Him yelling and pushing, she simply reached out her hand. She didn’t speak a word. Even in her subtlety, Jesus stopped. He saw her in the midst of a crowd. He saw her need, and He healed her.

Jesus wants each of us to reach out and touch His cloak. When we are worried, when we need healing, He asks us to reach out to Him and have faith. This doesn’t mean that we will always be healed or that our troubles will all disappear. Yet it does mean that He will be with us along the way. Jesus desires for us to move toward him, no matter what we are going through.

Author: Rachel McPherson

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