Faith Has The Final Word

February 4th, 2016

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Mark 5:21-24, 35-43

If you ask someone about a quality restaurant in town, chances are they can offer a number of suggestions based on their personal experience and preferences. When doing research in order to purchase a car, it is very common for customers to seek feedback and reviews from other people who have knowledge and familiarity with the vehicle. However, how many first-hand experiences have we had with people who have died and returned to tell us about it? This is what makes death so mysterious. While many of us can name people we’ve known who have died, none of us can speak authoritatively on the subject based on personal experience.

In Mark 5, we are faced with death. It seems final, it seems sad, it seems like the end. Death has always had the last word, hasn’t it? However, in this powerful narrative, we witness the incredible authority of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even death must submit to the will and direction of Jesus.

Even death is no match for the God that we serve.

Author: Rachel McPherson

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