Little Is Much

January 26th, 2016

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Mark 4:21-34

“Little is much when God is in it.” The words of that precious hymn are truer than most realize. There is just no way to know the impact our lives can have. A farmer stepped into the pastor’s office with a check. “I want a church where my family can come to know the Lord. Here is the money to build the building. We mortgaged our farm but no one is to know.” That act of faith provided a church, which over time has resulted in pastors, missionaries, and wonderful laypeople. The kingdom has been enlarged by thousands upon thousands of souls.

We know the name Billy Graham, but just a few know of Mordecai Ham, who led Billy to the Lord. Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission started as a mustard seed. George Muller reached out to a few orphans, resulting in hundreds of thousands being saved. Watchman Knee spent the majority of his adult life in prison for his faith. The result was God’s kingdom expanded by millions. You may think your contribution of faith is small, but with God, it is enormous.

Author: Jon Carnes


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