He Hold Success In Store

January 27th, 2016

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Proverbs 2:1-15

Success is a well-worn word. When someone says success, we naturally think of money, houses, cars, and abundant resources. God does not mind His people having material comfort as long as their stuff does not own them. Job, Abraham, Joseph, and David all had fairly substantial bank accounts. Yet, that success is not what Proverbs refers to: This refers to a spiritual wealth reserved for those who seek God passionately.

Success, in this proverb, is found in discovering wisdom. It speaks to the conclusion of a life well lived. Contentment discovered in life is worth more than money in the bank. The one who can rest at night without fear of being found out is far better off than the one who lives attempting to cover tracks. The writer of Proverbs uses four words to help describe the successful person: upright, blameless, just, and faithful. God can do anything with and through a person such as this.

Author: Jon Carnes


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