The Farmer Sows The Word

January 25th, 2016

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Mark 4:1-20

Most farmers spend a lot of time preparing the soil so it is the best possible ground to produce a crop. However, sowing seeds of the gospel is a different type of planting. We use a casting approach because we cannot really tell what the soil is like. Each person is different. A homeless person can come in with a heart ready to receive Christ, while a long-term church attendee sits with arms crossed and hard heart.

We can prepare the atmosphere in which people hear but we cannot judge the soil by outside appearances. Therefore, Jesus teaches us to cast the seeds as broadly as possible. Will some fall on hard or rocky ground? It will! Sow anyway!

It never entered Jesus’ mind that the Church would not sow. He simply wanted Christians to understand what to expect when sharing God’s message. Do not get discouraged with those who refuse to hear. Celebrate those who receive the Word with sincere hearts. The increase is God’s job; sowing is ours.

Author: Jon Carnes


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