Waiting With Expectancy

January 13th, 2016

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Acts 1:1-11

Our culture hates to wait. Our food is fast, checkout lanes are express, and we get frustrated when stuck behind anyone slower than us. Remember when Heinz advertised their ketchup as thick, rich, and slow? Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” played while ketchup ever so slowly began to pour. And that was a good thing. Heinz still makes ketchup the same way, but now, with squeeze bottles, we can force it out when we want it.

When Jesus told His disciples, “Wait,” they did. Waiting was in their DNA.

? When Abraham was 75, God promised him a son. Isaac arrived when Abraham was 100.

? Israel waited 400 years for a deliverer.

? Anointed king in his youth, David waited years to ascend to the throne.

? In exile far from their homeland, the people waited in Babylon.

? They waited for Messiah. Through 400 years of silence, they waited to hear from God.

In each and every situation, God delivered on His promise at just the right time. Don’t lose hope in the waiting. The One who promised is faithful. He will bring it to pass.

Author: Gary Shank


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