He Is Lord

January 14th, 2016

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Acts 5:27-42

Within the divided heart is a struggle for supremacy: Who will rule and reign? However, the heart surrendered to God desires only the will of God. In acknowledging His Lordship, obedience is settled with a resounding “Yes!” even before the question is raised, no matter what the circumstances of any given situation.

After miraculously setting the apostles free from a locked and guarded prison cell, the angel gave clear instruction. “‘Go, stand in the temple courts’ he said, ‘and tell the people the full message of this new life’” (Acts 5:20). There was no wiggle room; no ambiguity of meaning or intent. The only question was whether or not to obey the will of God.

Offended by the apostles’ teaching in the name of Jesus, the leaders were outraged by their presence. Following Pentecost, the apostles were transformed. Those who previously ran and hid in fear now acted with boldness of conviction and singleness of purpose. They were not concerned with themselves, but only obedience to God, regardless of the risk or cost.

Author: Gary Shank

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