Who Is This One Called Jesus?

January 12th, 2016

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Mark 2:23—3:12

Among the crowds following Jesus were curious onlookers hoping to be amazed, those desiring to be freed from various afflictions, seekers awaiting Messiah, and skeptics wanting only to destroy Him. Every encounter implicitly demanded: “Who is this one called Jesus?” Many believed, were healed, and went away praising God. Some put their faith in Him. Confronted with the same evidence, others rejected. Refusing to believe, they remained unyielding in their opposition.

Recently, someone suggested that I am a Christ-follower simply because of my family background. Yet I remember the night I made my choice. After years of living my way, I was suddenly aware of Christ’s presence as though He stood before me with hands extended, offering forgiveness and new life. My life was transformed.

One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess Him Lord. In His presence, all will recognize the Son of God and proclaim “Jesus is Lord.”

Author: Gary Shank


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