Jesus Seeks Solitude to Pray

January 17th, 2014

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Mark 1:29-39

Mark has been described as the “busy man’s gospel.” Besides describing the action in a fast moving way, he pictures Jesus as constantly engaged in doing things. Early one morning, Jesus was actively involved in meeting people’s needs, even healing those who came to Him late into the night. He evidently didn’t keep office hours.

In three places the gospels describe the result of Jesus healings as “virtue going out of him” (Mark 5:30; Luke 6:19 and 8:46, KJV). It would seem then that His very busy day must have severely depleted His inner resources. Jesus needed the time apart from the crowds in intimate communion with His Father, from whom He drew strength. He needed to recharge for what came next–a renewed mission trip to other places.

If Jesus needed such renewal of inner strength by undisturbed time in the presence of the Father, how much more do we? It is too easy in our busy lives to continually be giving out without taking time to recharge. The important thing is that we do it!

Author: H. Ray Dunning

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