A Sermon By Birds

January 18th, 2014

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Luke 12:22-34

We often sit on our front porch early in the morning and watch the birds gather around the bird-feeders. We enjoy the music they make. They really do seem carefree, especially since we try to keep the feeders full of fresh seeds. I have yet to see one demonstrate signs of stress.

How different they are to those persons who throng the department stores at Christmastime, snatching and grabbing at the decreasing stock of highly sought after toys or other merchandise. I often wonder why so many people are “eaten up” with a concern to accumulate more and more stuff. I suppose they see their identity bound up with possessions.

Jesus focuses our perspective on what is really important–and it’s not more stuff. While we don’t normally think of Him as a psychiatrist, His words are not only spiritually sound, they are also mentally healthy. Researchers tell us that stress is one of the greatest causes of stroke and heart attack. How much better it is to relax, let the birds teach us a lesson, and keep our spirits calm and satisfied.

Author: H. Ray Dunning


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