God Sometimes Whispers

January 16th, 2014

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1 Kings 19:1-18

Have you ever encountered the Lord in a completely unanticipated way? The secret is to be always open to His presence. He may come to us through an unorthodox channel as well as by the ordinary means of sermons, sacraments, humble service and Bible study. Like Elijah, it may help us refocus our perspective so that we can renew our commitment to follow where the Lord leads in further conquests of faith.

Elijah was a man of dramatic action. He expected and received unusual divine responses in his defense of Yahweh against the worshippers of Baal. His crowning accomplishment occurred on Mount Carmel when fire from heaven consumed his sacrifice and demonstrated that Baal was false and Yahweh was the true god.

Sometimes we also have preconceived ideas about how God should work and how He should communicate His will. But God cannot be put in a box. In His sovereign freedom He can break the mold and act or speak in an unexpected fashion.

Author: H. Ray Dunning


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