From Doubt to Faith

May 2nd, 2012

John 20:24-31 RG AUDIO 050212

When was the last time you had your faith tested? Dennis’ big test came on February 6, 1991, when he discovered his 18-year-old son had died in his sleep. After Dennis’ futile attempts to resuscitate him, he screamed out, “Oh God, this isn’t supposed to happen to me!” Dennis reasoned that, since he was a minister, this type of tragedy would never happen in his family. After several years following Denny’s death, he found myself wavering between faith and doubt.

Thomas was not with the Twelve when Jesus first appeared to them. Perhaps he was out away from his brothers, grieving on his own. When he received word of Jesus’ appearance to the excited disciples, he could not believe it, and expressed his honest doubt.

Aren’t you glad Jesus did not exclude Thomas from his position as one of the Twelve because of his doubt? He is that way with us as well. He welcomes our honest doubts, but he is pleased when we believe in him without seeing the proof.

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