Family Resemblance

May 3rd, 2012

Philippians 2:1-11 RG AUDIO 050312

As a young boy, growing up in a small town, I soon became aware of my father’s good reputation in the community. I learned that if I was going to be a member of the family there were certain things I should do. I also learned there were certain things I could not do. When facing a decision about something important I quite often asked myself, “How would Dad respond to this? What would he say, or how would he handle this?” I had been with Dad long enough by that time to pretty much know what he would do or how he would respond to a situation. It also made me feel great when people would look at me and say, “You look just like your dad.”

In much the same way, after my conversion, I realized that if I am going to bear the name “Christian,” it means certain things. I must learn how Jesus would respond, what he would say. In short, it means having the same attitude toward life that Jesus has. Hopefully, I am starting to resemble him more and more.


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