Filling In

September 28th, 2011


Psalm 106:28-39

Sometimes we are simply blind to the fact that we’re headed in the wrong direction. Other times, though we can be so overwhelmed by our circumstances that we can’t see things very clearly, and don’t know where we’re headed at all. Either way, there is trouble ahead. In Psalm 106, “Phinehas stood up and intervened.” He went to God on behalf of his people.

Someone did something similar for Dean and his family. When their son was three, they were told that he had some kind of bone density problem—probably bone cancer, the pediatricians said. He had spent several months with most of his body in plaster because of fractures. Dean and his wife were overwhelmed. They didn’t have the strength, or frankly, even the desire, to pray. So they called their friend Reuben and told him about it. He offered to go to God on their behalf.

Their son is healthy today, for which they are grateful. Reuben taught them that they are advocates to God on behalf of each other.

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