Listen Up

September 27th, 2011


Psalm 106:13-27

One of the characteristics of God throughout Scripture is that communication with him is two-way. We might expect that, since he’s God, he’s the One who will do all the talking. Why would he listen to his creation? Did Michelangelo’s paintings or sculptures ever talk back to him?

In Psalm 106 we have an account of how God’s people ignore, or forget, yet again, the ways God has delivered them. It seems that our story throughout humanity is that we are in relationship with God, then we declare ourselves God, then we go to the brink of total destruction, then we go back to relationship with him. Moses has seen this before, and he goes to God on the people’s behalf.

The amazing part is that God listens to us. That doesn’t mean we’re in charge, but it means that we’re participants in how we we’re going to proceed. This is what Moses is doing—participating in God’s redemptive plan. And God is listening.


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