Living In A Hole

September 19th, 2011


Exodus 14:1-14

Our homeowner’s association newsletter wasn’t quite perfect. On one occasion, this note appeared:

Secretary’s Update

The board would like to recognize [our] homeowners for their efforts and hard work in maintaining and elevating the value of their properties. This reflects positively on the community as a hole. H-O-L-E.

Some may have thought the neighborhood was a “hole” but I thought it was pretty nice. Certainly the secretary meant to say “whole” W-H-O-L-E not “hole” H-O-L-E. Just one letter makes a world of difference.

Are you living in a hole? That can happen when you leave out one simple thing; one little important letter. You omit things like respect, honesty, faithfulness, or trust.

Do you feel trapped in a hole? I know some “w’s” that can make your life whole. Try waiting on the Lord today. Try walking in the light. Try worshiping our wonderful Savior.  (emphasis added)


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