He Leads Us On

September 18th, 2011


Exodus 13:11-22

After freeing the children of Israel from Egypt, God led the people into the wilderness and on toward the Promised Land. When they woke up every morning, they looked out of their tents and there was the presence of God in a pillar of cloud. And at night, when they went to bed, they looked up into the sky and there was the presence of God in a pillar of fire.

Can you imagine if God would have led the people out of Egypt and then sent them on their way? It was hard enough wandering in the wilderness with the presence of God leading them. They would have been completely lost on their own. However, God did not lead them out of Egypt to abandon them. His faithful presence led them forward every day.

We may not know what’s ahead. Still, we do know that God is with us, every day, every step of the way. His presence assures us of his love. We can rest in the knowledge of his direction and guidance.

Today is another day to give thanks to God for his faithful presence and trustworthy guidance.

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