God is God, and I am Not

August 12th, 2011

RG AUDIO 0812112 Corinthians 4

We have no desire to be jars of clay. We want to be strong, beautiful, capable, smart, witty, wise, kind, always Christlike, and humble. I still remember heading into the funeral for a close friend who was tragically killed, when someone asked, “How are you?” I actually said “fine.” Thankfully the truth was expressed when I broke down and cried.

We all can be a bit addicted to claiming our “fineness.” We can also be pretty defensive when someone points out that we are not fine. Often the angrier our response the closer the person has spoken to the truth. Sometimes what is pointed out is sin that must be confessed, but other times it is simply our human frailty.

If we can repeat the phrase, “God is God and I am not,” we might find new freedom to enjoy an honest life with God.


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