In Community

August 11th, 2011

RG AUDIO 0811111 Corinthians 5

The pastor introduced the concept of accountability and asked the congregation to prayerfully, lovingly engage in each other’s lives. We have lost the practice of entering into each other’s lives and calling out the need for a deeper walk with Christ. We watch people behave in ways which do not honor Christ, or quietly slip away from their faith without saying a word.

In this particular congregation, the pastor challenged the people to become the kind of community who really lives out the charge to encourage each other in growth, love, and mercy. As the experiment began the church people began to practice saying, “Since this is the year of accountability I want to talk about something I have been praying about . . .”

We are called to be in each other’s lives. It won’t be easy but a new truer kind of community will be born.


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