What’s In A Name?

August 10th, 2011

RG AUDIO 081011Matthew 9:9-17

The word “sinner” seems to get polarized reactions these days. There are those who embrace the term, celebrating their “badness” because it makes them more interesting and exciting. There are those who dismiss the word, determining the language of “sin” to be a meaningless construct. Others find the word to be a heavy judgment which destroys any remaining sense of self-worth to which they hold.

A scriptural option is to understand the word as a doorway. In Christ, “sinner” is never the final word over any human being. To confess ourselves as sinners is an opportunity to live in grace, transformed and being transformed by the mercies of God in the name of Jesus Christ. If we live in this love, then we can have a life which is always in celebration of God’s grace not only for us but for all people.

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